Thursday, 20 May 2010

Cannes Film Festival 2010

Being stranded at the Cannes Film Festival due to volcanic ash wasn't one of the greatest hardships I've had to endure in my life!

So what was I doing there? Well....I was invited under the umbrella of my business( and it would have been rude to say no! Simple really!!!

As a lover of both fashion and films...its fair to say that it was quite an intoxicating break in the glorious sunshine of the South of France.(
Hospitality was provided by the fabulous Intandem Films ( and my days were punctuated by attending screenings of their latest offerings.

The first was "One Night in Turin" ( an historic account of the events leading up to the 1990 World Cup. Now I am not a football fanatic (as those of you who recall the occasion when I was asked to present the "Man of the match" award at Coventry City Football Club, are well aware! Little did I know that I would also have to CHOOSE the player in question- no mean feat for a girl who knows NOTHING about football! I did, however, do what I do best, and selected the man with the best legs!) This time it was my memory not my....errrr....skill.....that was put to the test! In fact, as the true story unfolded, it triggered many personal memories of that time, followed closely by a sense of shock at the realisation that twenty years had since passed! It's a great story so if you football mad partner wants to drag you along....I say'll enjoy it!!!
The second and third films were so moving, that despite being back at work, the scenes are still tresspassing in my thoughts.

"The Kid" is a harrowing true story of a boy beaten and starved by his parents and then caught up in the criminal underworld. Its a heartbreaking film with a happy ending. Truly inspiring and one I will watch again. In fact, thinking about it....this film should be compulsive viewing for every teacher in the land (

And lastly, "Beneath Hill 60"is based on another true I had not heard before.Australian miners were signed up during the second world war to tunnel beneath enemy lines to plant explosives under the German forces. The subsequent blast was heard in London! Imagine that!!! Its incredible to think that the vivid and horrific trench scenes were actually filmed in tropical Queensland...amazing!(

And other than ....parties and dining out in fabulous company......what more could a girl ask for?!!!