Friday, 8 June 2012

Bridget Jones at The Catwalk Cafe!

With glasses of the good stuff in hand and some delicious nibbles to enjoy, it was all about dating at the Catwalk cafe’s Bridget Jones night.

Without any sign of big ‘Bridget Jones’ style pants, a room of fabulous ladies got to together for a night with friends, old and new, to hear a very entertaining talk on flirting with expert Jane Riley of True Self Ltd.
Jane gave an incredibly funny and witty account on flirting, with some vital tips to ensure the ladies are always doing the right thing! 
The evening also welcomed Jaci Barton from Searchmate, a professional introduction agency where prospective clients can choose from two exclusive services to find the right person. 
The company offers a personal service where they vet potential partners on their behalf or customers can find their own match via the special Searchmate website.
Searchmate has recently featured on Channel 4’s The Undateables, a TV series looking in to the lives of nine people living with challenging conditions who may be considered 'undateable' – the channel 4 series followed their attempts to find love.

As well as lively chat and wonderfully girly night, one lucky lady also won a corset on the night!

We look forward to welcoming Jane back  to talk all about Banishing Stress on July 18th followed by a talk on Confidence Inside and Out on September 6th. Don't miss it!