Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Yummy Mummy Coffee Mornings at the Catwalk Cafe

We welcome parents and babies and have space for pushchairs, provide high chairs, a clean toybox and baby changing facilities. Our popular Yummy Mummy Coffee Mornings are held on the first Tuesday of every month between 10-12 am. Parents are treated to a complimentary cake from our trolley and can catch up with friends over a cuppa. 

On Tuesday 2nd July we are looking forward to welcoming the fabulous BB Boutique of Solihull, who will let us take a sneak preview of their beautiful organic babywear, care and gifts.

Monday, 3 June 2013

(Photograph by Avon Studios

How to look great in photographs!

"Look at my waist" shrieks the customer from our boutique changing room! My staff smile knowledgeably, for this is a frequent occurrence when a customer tries on a corset for the first time. And that is part of what makes a corset truly special... they feel fabulous to wear! After all, looking good is only half the story.

During the construction and fitting of a corset I am always dismayed when a customer shares with me her own particular body issues. And believe me, it seems that every woman has a part of her body that she would at best, like to disguise, and at worst, has plans to change! A report in the Daily Mail today confirms my experience with customers. 

"Three quarters of British women were unhappy with their shape, 71% with their weight and six out of ten said body image made them feel depressed"

We all love the moment when a customer comes to try on her corset for the final fitting and we encourage her to sashay down our catwalk carpet , often to the rapturous applause of our afternoon tea customers who enjoy the impromptu fashion show!

It was such a discussion with photographer John Cleary, which led to the scheduling of a workshop to teach women how to look good in photographs. John, through the course of his work, is highly skilled at communicating posing techniques to his clients to produce the most flattering images. His first workshop at the Catwalk Cafe was a massive success and we are delighted to announce that he will be returning on 27th June 2013 to share his secrets with our customers. 

If you hate photographs of yourself, this workshop is for you! Ideal for those attending a wedding this summer!

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